Philippine art in every gift
"Prinsipe ng Kabataan" Art Tote Bag
"Loved" Art Tote Bag
"Listen" Art Tote Bag
"Child Be Strange" Art Tote Bag
"The Case of the Missing Butterfly" Art Tote Bag
"Play Time" Art Tote Bag
"City of Sparrows" Art Tote Bag
"Nature Lover" Art Tote Bag
"Leap" Art Tote Bag
"Into the Abyss" Art Tote Bag
"Keep Throwing" Art Tote Bag
"Religious AF" Art Tote Bag
"Devout" Art Tote Bag
"Guhit ng Pag-asa" Art Tote Bag

Upcycled Art Tote Bags


Bring local art wherever you go with these limited edition eco-friendly art tote bags!

Our tote bags start from artworks made by local artists, which are then printed into art banners for Looking for Juan's Outdoor Banner Project—an annual effort to bring art closer to the public. Carefully selecting banners to ensure that artworks are highlighted properly, these are sewn into tote bags by women from a local community, our simple way to provide livelihood.

With every eco-friendly art tote bag you purchase, you will not only support local art but also contribute to saving the planet and empowering women in our community.

Made of recycled tarp material
Sturdy enough to carry heavy objects
Water-resistant, perfect for shopping and everyday use
Available in different unique styles 

SHOP LOCAL & GIVE BACK! Your every purchase will help support Philippine art and improve children's literacy in the country through the One Million Books for One Million Filipino Children Campaign.